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Atilla Cetin is everything his nation could be proud of: a successful dj, producer & remixer of the highest standard & a stylish pin-up with Dutch reserve.

In a nutshell; there are two distinct sides to Atilla Cetin: an undeniable elegant man & a devoted dance music fanatic. His musical influences are deeply rooted in 80’s Funk&Disco sounds that spawned todays house music.

With such a large mix, Atilla Cetin remains one of the clubl&s most empathic & most unpredictable dj’s. Playing across genres & tempos his first goal is to share his love for music while moving your mind, body & soul.

Atilla Cetin’s dj-ing career started in the late 90’s. His shows & performances were the first in its kind, which made him a cult figure with dance music connoisseurs. On worldwide exclusive events he showcases his own edits & music, turning heads of audiences, labels & promoters. Nowadays his bootlegs & mash-ups, as well as his productions create a buzz worldwide.

Atilla Cetin released tracks on Stonebridge’s DIRTY HARRY imprint & runs his own NITEC label. The release ‘Just want yur love’ topped al housecharts for a while. His remake of ‘Stonebridges ‘Put ‘m high’ was signed instantly & exclusive releases on Pornostar & Suka followed.

The energetic baseline driven discoclubgrooves of Atilla will reach out to houselovers worldwide. Lots of performances in Sweden, Ibiza are already confirmed.


October 2
Borrel BOB Leidens Ontzet (Outdoor)
Cafe Re-Spons Leiden, Nederland
July 20
Borrel BOB Den Haag
Hoffhouse, Nederland
June 22
Borrel BOB Boat Party (SOLD OUT)
Beestenmarkt, Leiden, Nederland
April 27
Borrel BOB Leiden
Moscow at Sea, Nederland
March 25
Borrel BOB Den Haag
Hoffhouse, Nederland
January 26
Moscow at Sea, Leiden, Nederland